FAQs and tips

…alias What was too much for the printed game rules and what we did not know during creating

Changes allowed: If you want to make any alterations, no matter if with components or rules, just do it. If you will be satisfied with such change, let us know – we warmly welcome inspiration from players!

Characters: You can introduce characters as a simple extension of the game. Seven figures are of the same colour as seven types of equipment (rings). Therefore you can play with a single figure as it would be always wearing the corresponding equipment. If you want to make the game easier, the figure can still wear another two equipment rings. If you want to increase the difficulty, let figures wear only one ring. The purple figure can have the laws, or have another special skill – go always one step more than the dice allows, or have always +2 points when solving tasks. You can introduce other skills, too. Also you can make cards describing the characters, have more than 8 characters, choose them in a lottery and so on…

Solving the tasks: Maybe it was not clear in the printed rules. So: every dot on the dice represents one point of difficulty. When solving a task with difficulty VI, you can succeed to throw 6 and the task is solved. If you threw less, let’s say 3, you only solved 3 points of difficulty and the task still needs 3 to be solved. Turn the rotating circle on the task solution board to show III. In your next turn you continue solving the same task and if you threw 3, 4, 5 or 6, the task would be solved. If you threw 1 or 2, you turn the rotating circle again and wait for your next turn. Meanwhile, another ranger can come to help you and use their turn to solve more points of the difficulty.

Black zip-bag should be used for the task chips to secure random selection. A clothy bag with purse strings would be surely better. You can make one 😉

The tree bark that makes the look of the task solution board is not just some tree. It is a picture of a trunk of a monument tree – Lime Tree of Johanka z Rožmitálu (Czech Nature Conservation Database code 105780).

Rotatable circles on the task solution board are covered with a picture of annual rings of another tree – spruce. It grew on a hill Buglata (peak 832 m a. s.l.) close to Jaronín in the Blanský les Protected Landscape Area. The diameter piece survived at the PLA Headquarters in Český Krumlov. It shows annual rings from 1908 till 2008, what means this spruce was at least 100 yers old when cut.

Rotatable turn indicator: Did you guess what flower it is? Arnica is nowadays very rare in Central European nature. In many countries it is therefore protected and not allowed to be collected.

A green laptop? A colour of equipment rings mostly corresponds to how it looks like in real. But have you ever seen a green laptop? We not, and that is the meaning of “mostly”. The manufacturer of the rings had not enough amount of green ones to take them for another equipment. As we need only one laptop for each game, we dedicated a laptop the green ring.

Wooden dice and figures were made by DETOA Albrechtice LTD. There is not only a shop with products and spare parts in the factory, they offer guided tours through the whole production process as well. We think you may like it!

Drastic plastic: We in the Little Ranger try to avoid plastic wherever possible. You can reply the Pokeeto is made of plastic and the rings and bags in the game, too. But wooden Pokeeto would not be a Pokeeto anymore and thanks to plastic it lasts for years long play. Bags in the game? Nor those are disposable. We have chosen durable ones to serve the whole game lifespan. And maybe even longer, if you give them a second chance. More sustainable material would be unreasonably expensive. And the equipment rings? We did not find better solution. If you have an idea how to do it without plastic, get us inspired!