Little Ranger

Welcome at our website dedicated to ranger service in Czechia. What can you find here?

  • Pokeeto Ranger Jirka (toy figure)
  • Park Rangers board game
  • all other texts are in Czech, but hopefully you could understand the automatic translations
  • e-shop with original ware interpreting ranger service (contact us via e-mail to discuss the international shipping)
  • who is a ranger, what he does, and if you can become a ranger
  • authentic stories of Czech rangers in the „Štafeta“ rubric (select in the right menu – „štafeta“ means „relay“ or „baton“ sport activity)
  • information on our activities in the „Aktuálně“ rubric
  • stories of Igráček Ranger Jirka which are fictious, but inspired by real life of Czech rangers

We hope you enjoy our webpage even when it is mostly published only in Czech. Web translator might help you. Feel free to contact us with any question 😉